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SEE Tip: Sleep Routine


SEE Tip: Did you have a restful and relaxing Spring Break?  Perhaps that reminded you of how nice it is to sleep more than 4-6 hours a night and how much better you function when you get a somewhere between 7-9 hours!  

Don't lose the momentum from Spring Break!  Plan your schedule to include sleep.  You know your schedule for the semester and what you need to accomplish.  Better sleep will make it possible for you to accomplish those goals!

Stop by the SEE table on the Breezeway starting at 11am today to tell us how you'll sleep better this semester, and get some sleep tools to help you along the way!

HKB News: This week is Kick Butts Week!  Join HKB in the fight to prevent new smokers and help current smokers become ex-smokers.  Hopkins Kicks Butts members will be around campus doing a variety of activities starting this morning!

Find HKB on the Breezeway today starting at 8:45am for hot beverages on your way to class and pick up some tricks to help a friend who may want to quit the habit for good.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: In a study on sleep and pain management, researchers found that patients who were assigned extra sleep in the week prior to a surgical procedure were associated with using less pain relievers than those patients who did not try the extra sleep.  This association shows how making sleep a priority can make a difference on how people deal with pain.

Imagine if you made sleep a priority each week, could that lessen the pain associated with exam time?  It might not be exactly physical, but it's a pain for sure.  And with increased amount of sleep comes a likely decrease in stress, as well as, an increase in memory and cognition leading to a greater chance for positive grade potential.

If you are experiencing pain, stress, or just need to relax and aren't sure how to start- try stopping by the Stressbusters on Q-level tonight starting at 8pm in the MSE!  Let Stressbusters work their magic and help take away your stress!

Source: http://www.researchgate.net/publication/254727049_Pre-surgical_sleep_as_a_predictor_of_post-surgical_pain