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Massage Therapy on campus: A note from our campus massage therapist!


Some of you know me, as I have been a massage therapist on campus for 10 years along with helping Jordan to teach Stressbusters, a student organization, which teaches students back rubs to  help de-stress students.  

Also, now available for massage is our new therapist, Nathan Nevius.  I have received several massages from him and highly recommend him to anyone needing to de-stress and regain focus for their studies.  Also,  he studied in Viet Nam and has a wonderful way of releasing problem areas in your body, which give you pain or decreased range of motion.  I went to him limping and in just two sessions I was walking in balance.  

Nathan, Debora and I are located in the health center on 31st and Charles.  You can call 410-516-8270 for appointments.   Visit us on the SHWC website, which has a description of our services, what to expect and information about how we work.  

Good luck with your studies and please reach out if you need any help, as JHU has many supporting services and people who care,                      Emily LaBathe, B.S., LMT