Disclaimer: The information, articles, and tips portrayed on this blog, while based on research, do not constitute medical advice. The opinions expressed are meant to educate and inform, but not to dictate lifestyle choices or personal beliefs. These articles are meant to provoke thought on issues surrounding college health and to inform the Hopkins community of healthy information and resources.


SEE: Beyond laughing at salads

SEE Tip: Women's History Month and CHEW present "Women Laughing with Salads", an event that pokes fun at the ridiculous stock photos you might have seen, while also providing a place to create your own deliciously nutritious salad, and to discuss how women, eating, and nutrition are connected in our lives.  Join us in the Glass Pav from 12-2pm today!


Massage Therapy on campus: A note from our campus massage therapist!


Some of you know me, as I have been a massage therapist on campus for 10 years along with helping Jordan to teach Stressbusters, a student organization, which teaches students back rubs to  help de-stress students.  

Also, now available for massage is our new therapist, Nathan Nevius.  I have received several massages from him and highly recommend him to anyone needing to de-stress and regain focus for their studies.  Also,  he studied in Viet Nam and has a wonderful way of releasing problem areas in your body, which give you pain or decreased range of motion.  I went to him limping and in just two sessions I was walking in balance.  

Nathan, Debora and I are located in the health center on 31st and Charles.  You can call 410-516-8270 for appointments.   Visit us on the SHWC website, which has a description of our services, what to expect and information about how we work.  

Good luck with your studies and please reach out if you need any help, as JHU has many supporting services and people who care,                      Emily LaBathe, B.S., LMT


SEE Tip: Sleep Routine


SEE Tip: Did you have a restful and relaxing Spring Break?  Perhaps that reminded you of how nice it is to sleep more than 4-6 hours a night and how much better you function when you get a somewhere between 7-9 hours!  

Don't lose the momentum from Spring Break!  Plan your schedule to include sleep.  You know your schedule for the semester and what you need to accomplish.  Better sleep will make it possible for you to accomplish those goals!

Stop by the SEE table on the Breezeway starting at 11am today to tell us how you'll sleep better this semester, and get some sleep tools to help you along the way!

HKB News: This week is Kick Butts Week!  Join HKB in the fight to prevent new smokers and help current smokers become ex-smokers.  Hopkins Kicks Butts members will be around campus doing a variety of activities starting this morning!

Find HKB on the Breezeway today starting at 8:45am for hot beverages on your way to class and pick up some tricks to help a friend who may want to quit the habit for good.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: In a study on sleep and pain management, researchers found that patients who were assigned extra sleep in the week prior to a surgical procedure were associated with using less pain relievers than those patients who did not try the extra sleep.  This association shows how making sleep a priority can make a difference on how people deal with pain.

Imagine if you made sleep a priority each week, could that lessen the pain associated with exam time?  It might not be exactly physical, but it's a pain for sure.  And with increased amount of sleep comes a likely decrease in stress, as well as, an increase in memory and cognition leading to a greater chance for positive grade potential.

If you are experiencing pain, stress, or just need to relax and aren't sure how to start- try stopping by the Stressbusters on Q-level tonight starting at 8pm in the MSE!  Let Stressbusters work their magic and help take away your stress!

Source: http://www.researchgate.net/publication/254727049_Pre-surgical_sleep_as_a_predictor_of_post-surgical_pain 


Hump day: National Nutrition Month Edition


Perhaps you've seen this scene from Sex and the City before?  It brings up what many are wondering, "what affects the taste of semen?"  Unfortunately, the research does not seem to exist on the topic, but there are a good number of subjective ideas floating around.

These are the most agreed upon thoughts:

The better one takes care of his body, the better the taste will be.  For example, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with limited red meats will (likely) produce a better tasting ejaculate.  On the other side, things like caffeine, cigarettes, strong tasting foods (onions/garlic), and alcohol could play a role in making one's semen taste unpleasant.

So, to summarize, having a healthy, nutrient rich diet isn't just good for the heart, but for the whole body (plus a potential partner's taste buds).


SEE Tip: Breakfast for Extra Credit!


SEE Tip:  Forget asking about extra credit (and not just because your professor will look at you sideways for it), try eating well for better grades. Sound too good to be true?  Turns out the studies support it (1).  Those who eat breakfast, particularly a breakfast with a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates will tend to have higher functioning brains, which allows for better memory retention, cognition, and concentration (2).  All of these areas are keys to improving your GPA.

Start today with eating breakfast and see what just a week of eating well can do for you.  If you like how it helps, consider continuing for another week and so on!  If you're near the FFC, why not run in and grab something?  If you're on your own, try some instant oatmeal with fruit (like a banana) in it.  Very simple and can be made in a short amount of time-- so why not give it a try?

Bonus for Charles Commons Residents!  If you're leaving for class between 8:45am-10:30am, the PEEPs will be handing out FREE breakfast at the security kiosk- so feel free to grab some on your way to class and start your week on the right foot.

HKB Myth Busting: Hookahs are often thought of as a safe and fun way to socialize.  However, hookah smoking is just as dangerous to one's health as cigarettes.  Often people are confused by the water component and think that the dangers are being filtered out, but in fact, hookah smokers are exposed to the same diseases as cigarette users, including oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus, and even fertility issues (3).

Mellow Out Monday:  Having a rough week?  It seems to be going around...  Instead of letting the stress overwhelm, consider tackling small problems one at a time.  You'll need to eat throughout this hectic week, right?  Try getting some snacks prepared so you avoid the effects of hanger, and you can power through the week of studying and writing with healthy food options.  Be sure to start your day with breakfast so you can be fully energized for the day ahead, as well.  Simple foods like toast with nut butter and sliced bananas can go a long way!

If you are still feeling stressed, consider taking a break.  Walk away for a minute to get some fresh air and a new perspective on whatever is stressing you out.  Sometimes taking a break is what our brain needs to help power through the tough moments.  And if that's still not working, or you could really use a back rub after your hard work (and being hunched over for 7 hours) be sure to stop by Stressbusters on Q Level in the MSE for a free 5-7 minute back rub!

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