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SEE Tip- SHAG week edition: The Aphrodisiacs


SEE Tip: We often hear about aphrodisiacs and think of oysters.  I'm not sure about you, but oysters are just not something that I come across all the time.  The good news, there are are plenty of other aphrodisiacs out there, and more accessible ones, too.

Another believed aphrodisiac is the avocado... like we need another reason to get the guac at Chipotle. But seriously, avocados have been used for centuries as a sex drive stimulant, and as a way to boost the immune system.  Plus, they provide additional nutritional goodness like healthy fats, magnesium, and more potassium than bananas.

Feeling like something sweet?  Chocolate is another aphrodisiac.  All the chocolate lovers, rejoice!  It is believed that the stimulating properties of chocolate are similar to the ones felt when falling in love, and can release serotonin in the brain, which is associated with elevated moods and sexual arousal.

For an added boost, strawberries are also in the aphrodisiac category (more for their ability to keep the joints less inflamed-- not such a sexy sounding reason).  But if you were to combine chocolate with the strawberries- you've just doubled your aphrodisiac intake!  ;)

Want to learn more about sexual health?  Check out Trivia Night at Nolan's tonight, 7:30pm!  We'll have a special SHAG week category of the trivia, so be sure to make it and other events this week!