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SEE Tip: Get Motivated for the day!


SEE Tip: Some days it can be really difficult to get out of bed in the morning.  Maybe you were up until 2am working on a paper, or the weekend was full of fun, but that made it pretty tough to get to bed at a decent hour on Sunday night.  Whatever your reason- waking up for some people can be pretty unpleasant.

Instead of hitting the snooze option for eternity, try some motivators to get yourself out of bed.  Before going to bed, write a list of the things you are going to do the next day.  When you wake up, you can glance at the list and start thinking of all the ways you are going to tackle that to do list.  Your brain will start functioning and eventually your body will give in, too.  Soon, you'll be up and moving - ready to take on the day.  

Another tip to get yourself up for the day is to set an alarm that will put you in the mood to start your day.  Avoid obnoxious alarms that might irritate you or ones that have soothing tones that will only make you want to sleep longer.  Instead, try something different- maybe choose a song to set the tone you hope to have for your day: 

Or one last motivator could simply be the idea of more sleep to come later.  Promise yourself a nap sometime between 11-2pm and use that as motivation to get your morning tasks accomplished and get you to that nap time.  Ideally, you'd want your nap to be between 10-20 minutes to get an energy boost and reduce chances of sleep issues later; however, it may depend on your schedule as to what is really best for you.

If you want to try napping as a motivator, stop by the Sherwood Room in Levering Hall today for a quick nap!  We'll have our Nap Zone set up with yoga mats, eye masks, SEE blankets, calm music, and more!!  Stop by between 11am-1:30pm for a nap today!

HKB Quit Tip: Motivation is an essential component to any behavior change.  For tobacco users, being motivated to quit and stay quit takes continuous motivation.  What motivates you to be tobacco free?  Some people are motivated by the cost-savings (about $400 in annual savings for a pack/week smoker).  Others are motivated by the increased ability to breathe better and therefore perform better for athletic related tasks.  So what is your motivation to be (or stay) tobacco free?  Tell us here!

Mellow Out Monday Tip:  Using stress as a motivator can change how we react to stressful situations.  Instead of shutting down or feeling frustrated, the stress can drive us to achieve beyond what we thought possible.  However, we need to be careful and listen to our bodies when using this motivation tactic. We must understand what our bodies need to react properly and safely.  At times, people who are stressed will sacrifice sleep.  This sleep deprivation can actually work against the positive side of stress, as the body is not well equipped and will not function as well as it good.  The lack of sleep can also be deceiving-- letting a person think that they have done something amazing, when really they could have done better had they been fully rested. For example, re-read a paper you wrote that seemed really good at the time, but was produced in a sleep-reduced state.  You'll likely see some areas that you'd change now, right?

Do yourself a favor and get your rest.  This way when stressful times come into play, you can handle them like a well-rested, highly functioning champ!

Need help getting into a sleepy, more restful state?  Try stopping by Stressbusters tonight in Q Level from 8-10pm in MSE for a FREE back rub.