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SEE for Yourself: Sleep More, Stress Less


SEE Tip:  Is stress keeping you from getting a good night's sleep?  Are you kept awake by the mounting number of to do items on your planner, the big exam you have in two days, or a fight you had with a good friend?  You are not alone.  The stress of the day is linked with a lack of sleep in many individuals.  Furthermore, continued restless nights add to the stress by piling on more issues for the next day.  When a person does not get a full night's rest, s/he is more likely to suffer from a lack of focus and energy leading to more mistakes.... and more stress.  What an awful cycle!

The lack of sleep can mess with more than tomorrow's exam result.  Aside from adding on more stress, sleep deprivation and sleep restriction have been linked with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and immune functioning issues.

But don't lose sleep over this!  Practice some stress relieving strategies to feel better during the day, and ease you into a peaceful sleep at night.  Things like organizing your notes before bed, making a to do list, practicing yoga or meditation, or even listening to relaxing music can help to soothe some stress.

You can also stop by the RELAX! Party sponsored by FSI and CHEW where there will be free massages from Stressbusters, Tea Time, a cozy corner, and make your own sleep sachets!  Lots of opportunities to improve your sleep for the night ahead.  Come to Levering's Sherwood Room (near the cafe) from 11-1!

HKB Tip: A survey from the American Lung Association found that 6 out of 10 former smokers were not able to quit successfully on their first quit attempt.  If you or a friend has tried once before, but had trouble staying quit use this Thursday's national Quit Day known as the "Great American SmokeOut" to provide some incentive. On this day, hundreds of other current smokers will be quitting the habit.  You are not alone with your plans to quit the addiction to tobacco, and there is support like 1-800 QUIT NOW which provides a quit coach and a supply of nicotine replacement products, as well!  You can do this!

And join Hopkins Kicks Butts and the O'Connor Recreation Center this Thursday from 5:30pm-6:45 for a FREE (no class card required) KICK the Habit Kickboxing and Zumba fusion fitness class.  There will be free t-shirts for raffle winners!!

Mellow Out Monday Win:  You have two chances to mellow out with Stressbusters today!

RELAX! Party sponsored by FSI and CHEW, Sherwood (Levering), 11am-1pm
Free massages from Stressbusters, Tea Time, a cozy corner, and make your own sleep sachets, and more!

Mellow Out Monday, MSE on Q level, 8pm-10pm

Free backrubs!! Why say anything but YES?! :)