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SEE Tip from PEEPs: All-Nighters No More!


SEE Tip: All-nighters No More!
A SEE Tip provided by PEEPs, the peer health education group on campus!

Thinking about pulling an all-nighter before your first midterm of this semester? While you may take this time to go over all the materials covered in the lectures, you may not be getting the best results.
Sleep deprivation (total or partial) has a negative impact on cognitive functions, including attention and working memory. As we sleep, our brains are consolidating the memories encoded and stored during the day, incorporating the new information into the pre-existing memory structure. While the waking brain encodes information, it is during the sleeping stage that the brain really works for memory retention.[1] Also, even a short nap would help to recall information. A study done at Harvard University shows that even naps shorter than 90 minutes can boost memory. 33 students were asked to memorize 60 pairs of unrelated words, solve a maze puzzle, and copy an intricate figure, and a 45-minute nap boosted the performance of students with good initial learning of the information. [2]
So the night before a big test, some restful sleep is probably more helpful than an all-nighter!
Have you ever pulled an all-nighter for a test? Do you think sleeping well help your academic performance?

HKB Quit Tip: How much money do you think a smoker might save by quitting?  A pretty good amount, depending on how much the person smokes.  The lowest cost for a pack of cigarettes in the U.S. is in Virginia and Missouri at $5.25 a pack.  The cost in Maryland is $7.75, while the highest cost is $12.85 in New York. [3]  Try using this calculator from Quit Now to see how much a person could end up spending on cigarettes in a week, a month, a year, etc.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Getting enough sleep each night keeps stress levels balanced.  Avoid trying to cram everything into one night and pulling all-nighters.  They leave you exhausted, stressed out, and vulnerable for other health problems.  Sleep more for lowered stress!

If you feel the stress levels creeping up, stop by Q level tonight in the MSE. Stressbusters will be there giving FREE back rubs from 8-10pm!  Don't let your stress control your life-- take control by taking a seat with a Stressbuster!

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