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Halloween BOOz

Halloween falling on a Friday could mean lots of options for a social life this weekend!  From the Peabody Costume party, to Fells Point, to staying near campus with friends, or going out around campus....there is definitely going to be lots to do.

 If your activities include drinking alcohol, consider some ways to stay in the blue zone. Pace yourself with each drink. No need to rush to the next drink. Sip, savor, and socialize.  Also, BYOW - bring your own water! Or make sure wherever you are going well have some available. You can put some in your cup after each drink to stay hydrated and reduce the nasty effects that can come with dehydration. You can also wear a costume that makes it difficult to drink...something like partial mask or makeup that you may not want to smear or ruin (#forthegram).

Mainly, keep in mind that this weekend can be fun with lots going on. Recovering from a hangover or a regrettable moment (like getting sick all over your super creative Harry Potter costume) may not be the ideal way to spend it. So don't be "that guy" or "that girl". Instead, stay in the blue zone and stop at buzzed.