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Fat Talk Free Week!

Today marks the official last day of Fat Talk Free Week.  Of course, it doesn't have to stop here-- every day can be a fat talk free day.  Instead of focusing on what's wrong with our bodies, we can focus on what's right with them.  Thank our bodies for allowing us to smell the flowers, feel the wind blowing against our skin, and so many other amazing things.

To celebrate the final official day of Fat Talk Free Week, and all the Love Your Body celebrations of the last two weeks- we are asking you to share the name of someone you aspire to be like, and what is about that person that makes you want to be like them, one that is not based on physical appearance.  Examples include: because of their kindness, aptitude in science, dedication to soccer, their commitment to helping others, social skills, etc. Please consider sharing this on our Facbook page, Twitter, or Instagram!

And Happy FTFW to all!  You are all amazing, talented, and incredible individuals.  Thank you for being you.