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First Fall Semester Hump Day

Welcome to the first official Hump Day of the semester!  Each hump day we'll discuss sexual health on the blog.  Feel free to send in questions using the comments section below each post or reach out through Facebook, Twitter, or IG!

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For today's first Hump Day, we want to highlight a few of the women's health offerings available at the Student Health and Wellness Center.  
  • Well-women exams!
    • You can make an appointment for an annual well-woman exam by calling the center at 410-516-8270.
    • Click here for more info on what to expect during a typical well-woman exam.
  • Birth control pills!
    • If you are a JHU student, you can get birth control pills from the SHWC, if you are receiving gynecological care there, as well. You can also register for birth control refills by going to the Pyramed Health portal on the SHWC website.  Once registered with the portal, go to "My forms" and select the Online Contraceptive Refill form.   
  • Condoms!
    • FREE condoms are available to all students in the SHWC waiting rooms, CHEW office, Library bathrooms, and at other CHEW programs.  
    • CHEW offers free FC2 condoms, which are internal condoms for females.  
    • CHEW provides dental dams for added protection for sexual activity.  These come in different flavors and are free.
    • We also offer a discounted brand name condom program, which includes discounted costs for Trojan and Durex condoms.  For more, check out the web request form here.