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But everybody's doing it

College can mean different things to people-- from a chance to make new friends, live away from home, taking the next step towards a career dream, or trying new things.

Some of us come in with the idea that everyone at college drinks-- that it's what college is here for (aside from the other academic reasons, of course).  In a recent study on our campus, students reported thinking that 97% of their classmates were drinking alcohol within the past 30 days.  However, through that same survey, it was found that actually 66% of students had used alcohol within that time frame.  

NCHA 2014

As you can see, many people thought that nearly the whole campus was drinking within that month, but in reality, it was around 30% less than that.  Often, our perceptions of what everyone else is doing may be skewed by a variety of things, including the media, our social circle, and even myths or rumors.  

What about you?  Were your perceptions different than the reality of what happens on our campus?