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Reading Period Raucous


The last day of classes is here!  You've worked so hard and are onto the final push.  Parties may be really appealing, and if you can enjoy in moderation, go for it.  However, if the temptation to go overboard is too much, consider avoiding it or implementing some safer party strategies to get you through and have a successful reading period weekend.

Try giving yourself a party curfew.  If you need to be productive the next day, you can still be social, but you may want to keep it to a limited time so you can sleep well in your own bed, wake up for your morning routine, and move on with your day.

If you choose to drink, consider keeping it to one or two drinks so you don't wake up feeling like this (at least he's brushing his teeth):

Plan out what you need to accomplish studying/writing-wise in order to do well during finals week.   Some other really important things to include are sleeping, eating, exercising, and seeing friends.  These things are crucial for your health, including your mental health. Take breaks, enjoy the company of others, and give your mind a rest every now and then.  Just be mindful not to drown your brain with alcohol, if you choose to have social activities which include alcohol use.

And for today, don't forget to stop by the Beach starting at noon for Nest Fest and Camp JHOP with the HOP, APTT, and PEEPs!