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Sustainable between the Sheets

In honor of Earth Week, we're thinking of some sexy ways to be sustainable.

  • Turn down the lights!  Use energy efficient bulbs for a softer glow, or keep the lights out entirely.  Use candles (including rechargeable battery operated candles) to create a romantic setting, and reduce the unnecessary light being used in the room.
  • Toy lover?  Try toys that are chemical-free by purchasing ones made of silicone, glass, or metal (just be sure to talk to someone about how to use it properly).
  • Try cotton, bamboo, or organic bedding!
  • Stay warm:  Cuddle closer! Plus body friction (with some lubricant for added glide) is known to stir up the heat.

Taking care of the earth and spending quality time with a partner can be beneficial for you and mother earth.  Go forth, use protection (if you choose to be sexually active), and have a good time!