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Sip Tip: Boozy Boating

The line between staying in the blue zone and going overboard when it comes to drinking can be crossed in a flash.  This makes it crucial to pay attention, if they choose to drink alcoholic beverages, and to consider doing things like pacing oneself, incorporating non-alcoholic drinks, and remembering to eat before and while drinking is happening.

With events like the Junior boat cruise, Spring Fair, and summer fun within sight, we are thinking of some possible activities that could happen, including off-land ones.  If these activities include drinking alcohol, consider keeping some safer drinking strategies in mind for a more memorable time.  Bring food along to eat before/during, remember to hydrate by drinking lots of water, and try not to be "that guy" or "that girl" since taking care of that person can be especially difficult and dangerous in an unfamiliar place, like the middle of an ocean.... as the video below can show:

Be warned: This video goes from ordinary to frightening in ~30 seconds.

Watching this video, one can see how swiftly good times go to scary times, as the drunken sailor is within inches of the motor and could have easily lost limbs or his life in that fall.

One of his shipmates filed this report: "I was the one who threw the beer, he was really drunk the first beer we threw he caught one handed like a ninja. The second one he didn't have quite as much grace it hit him right in the chin. The can blew up on his tooth when he came up he had a gash almost through his lip and he was wiggling his tooth it looked like it was about ready to fall out."

It can be very scary for everyone when those who engage in drinking go even one drink too far.  If you choose to drink, stay in the blue zone by stopping at buzzed.

Video and statement taken from Gawker