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SEE it fits!


SEE Tip: When it comes to exercise- how do you make sure it fits into your day?  Do you do it in the morning, during the day, or in the evening?  According to experts, there is no right time of day- as long as you do it!  You can split it up or get it done in one shot; just get your sweat on.  Just make sure to reach 150 minutes per week, as recommended for optimal health.

Help us reach 150 minutes of exercise as a campus at the SEE table on Monday!  Do some form of exercise and SEE that we can reach the recommendation together.  Stop by the breezeway to get involved and win a SEE giveaway for moving your body.

HKB News: The good news, people are realizing how bad cigarettes are for them, and even teens are seeing the problems with them.  The bad news, Big Tobacco has found a new way to still hook people in, despite the knowledge gaining around cigarettes.  Vaping has become the new "big thing".  Some find it useful as a way to reduce the harmful effects of cigarettes, and others are using it as their first way into any sort of smoking device.  Since these new vaping products aren't regulated, it is tough to say if they are or aren't safe. And since many still have nicotine in them, the people using them are likely forming addictions, as we're seeing in young teens.  Be wary of vaping, it may appear like harmless vapor, but consider your health before a habit becomes an addiction.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: What time of day are you most stressed?   Identify your most stressful feeling and use the stress to your benefit-- harness the energy into a workout.  Use the stress to move your body and release the tension throughout  your whole body while also relaxing your mind.

Need another stress reliever or is exercise just not cutting it?  Try a free back rub from Stressbusters!  Tonight starting at 8pm, Stressbusters will be in the MSE on Q level giving out free back rubs... get your's tonight for a stress-free tomorrow.