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SEE: A Fruit-tastic Day


SEE Tip: Fruit is a healthy and easy snack to eat on the go.  It's typically available at most convenience stores and dining areas on campus.  Fruit can also be bought and prepped for a few days ahead of time so temptation to snack on chips is less likely when supplies of fruit can be found in the fridge.   Fruits are packed with nutrients, including potassium, fiber, and vitamin C.  This means you stay full longer with a healthy snack and increase your body's nutrients through healthier snacking choices.

Will you be getting your sweat on between 11-12:30?  PEEPs will be at the Rec Center giving away fruit for a healthy snack today.  Stop by before or after your sweat session for a healthy treat!

HKB Quit Tip: Thinking of quitting smoking, but worried about weight gain?  While weight gain can happen, it can help to eat healthier, by incorporating fruits and veggies into one's diet, as well as lean meats and healthy grains.  For those times when snacking seems like the only option, having prepared snacks, like cut up fruit or whole grain popcorn can soothe the cravings and solve some of the immediate stress.  If that's still not cutting it, consider talking to someone for additional support.  Quitting is not easy- you don't have to do it alone.  Try the MD Quit hotline or contact chew.jhu@gmail.com for additional help on campus.

Mellow Out Monday Tip:  When you eat better, you feel better.  When you feel better, you stress less.  Simple right?  If only it was as easy to do, as it is to type (or read).  But with things like pre-packaged fruit to go or prepping your own fruit to go for healthy snacks during the week, it should be a whole lot easier to live healthier and happier.

If you want some immediate stress relief, stop by tonight's Mellow Out Monday on Q level in the MSE for a free backrub from the Stressbusters between 8-10pm.  Don't let stress get you down, let us bring you up!