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SEE breakfast today


SEE Tip: How often do you leave in the morning without eating breakfast? Did you know this could be the cause of any focus issues, memory problems, and of course, hunger pangs? Join the 78% of those who choose to make breakfast a priority by having something today.

Stop by Brody terrace for a cup of yogurt and granola from the PEEPS between 8-10am, while supplies last!

HKB tip: We want to know, do you or anyone you know use e-cigs or vape products? Post a comment and let us know if you do, and what made you start. If you don't, tell us what your thighs are on the latest nicotine delivery system.

Mellow Out Monday tip: Focus can be lost when all you're thinking about is how hungry you are feeling. Keep your focus by staying ahead of hunger. Start the day with breakfast to begin the day right. Keep small snacks nearby for later, and make time for your other meals. A properly fed body is a well fueled one. Fuel your body with breakfast and remove some of the stress in your day.

Want to end the day with a stress remover? Stop by Q level in the MSE for free 5-7 minute back rubs! Stressbusters are here for you!

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