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SEE: Allergies got you up all night?

SEE tip:  The state of Maryland seems to be a Zyrtec's maker dream, as it is the land of allergies.  As someone who did not have allergies prior to moving here, I can attest to the sore throat and puffy eyes that seem to pop up when the weather outside is inviting, but the allergens are all around.  Surprisingly, a report of the worst cities to live in with allergies, actually has Baltimore pretty low on the list, at #81.  Apparently, Kansas is much worse!  Good to know.

Aside from the outdoor issues of allergy season, there is also an added struggle with sleep.  Being well-rested at Hopkins can be tough as is, but to add difficulty with breathing it makes sleep even more challenging.  As someone with allergies falls asleep, the breathing airway becomes more constricted throughout the night- leading to disrupted sleep.  Taking allergy medication, sleeping with additional pillows (to sleep more upright), and keeping sheets clean can help to reduce these issues and provide a better night's rest.

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HKB Tip: Allergy sufferers can be especially sensitive to cigarette smoke; whether it's their own smoke, a friend's (secondhand smoke), or even smoke remaining on someone's clothing (third-hand smoke).  Cigarette smoke can seriously agitate nasal allergies, and make allergies that much worse.  For better sleep and less irritated allergies, consider the benefits of staying away from smokers or quitting yourself.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Recent research on stress and immunity have found that even slight stress and anxiety can worsen a person's allergic reaction to even the most routine allergies.  Not a great thing to hear as Spring allergy season picks up and finals around the corner.  Instead of freaking out about it, find ways to prevent the stress from taking down your immune system.  Keep allergies at bay by keeping a clean space with fresh sheets (change bedding about once a week), get plenty of rest, and drink lots of water.

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