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The future of condoms

We all know that if you choose to have sex with a partner, it’s your best bet to be as safe as possible. Safer sex includes being emotionally ready to have sex, being in the correct state of mind to do so and, of course, protecting your body from STI’s. One of the best and well known methods to protect the body from sexually transmitted infections, like HIV, is to use the condom. The condom has been around for more than 400 years (1) and has proven to be effective when used properly. 400 years is a long time for us Americans to go without changing something. One man, Danny Resnic, decided it was time to spruce up the current day condom and give it a little makeover; the result: the origami condom.

Origami condoms are said to be the “next generation condom”, setting out to improve the classic, and still effective, roll-down condoms. These new condoms are made of silicon which is a flexible and durable material is proven to prevent pregnancy, transmission of STI and other viruses AND transmits body sensation and body heat well. Also origami condoms have three models: the male condom, the female condom AND, the first of its kind, the receptive anal intercourse condom! Receptive anal intercourse is the leading way HIV is spread and developing a condom that will allow the partner receiving anal intercourse to take initiative and wear the condom. The male condom is an accordion shape and does not need to be rolled down the penis like traditional condoms. The makers say the condom can be put on in one quick motion (that way intimacy won’t be lost) and the accordion shape allows for constant contraction and expansion of the condom leading to a more fluid motion of the penis. Now females, what about you? Well origami did design a female condom that lets you be in control of protecting yourself! The condom is designed with a female anatomy in mind and to enhance pleasure for both partners. The female origami condom is intended to be easy to insert and will accommodate a range of penis sizes!

This is not to say that the tried and true isn’t effective, they still work fantastically when used correctly. The origami condom is just an advanced condom with some tweaks. The basic form and idea is just the same. Another important note is that just like our current day condoms, origami condoms will only be effective when used properly. Neither is a 100% guarantee.

The condoms haven’t hit the market yet, but after a few more go-rounds with testing and approval from people like WHO and the FDA they are set to hit the market in 2015! If you want to learn more about origami condoms, or sign up to get news about their release date, just visit the website at http://www.origamicondoms.com/

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Pete said...

this looks and sounds more like a sex toy than a condom...at least to me.
still very interested to try them once they're out!