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Sip Smart on St. Patty's


So it’s that time of year again where we’re all Irish, 1/100 Irish, kiss the Irish or just look fabulous in green and let’s be honest most people look forward to this day for the drinking. Yup we’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday known for leprechauns, pots of gold, bar crawls and boozing. While St. Patty’s day can be a fun filled day with friends, this day has been known for over indulgence both in the color green and alcohol. Now if you’re planning on decking yourself out in head to toe green and white, go right ahead! More power to you! But if you do plan on drinking to celebrate its important that you stay safe, too. Here are four tips to ensure your day won’t have to rest on the luck of the Irish:

1.       Eat- make sure you put something in your stomach; not eating is a great way to end your St. Patty’s day earlier then you had hoped—and that goes for your friends too, make sure they eat. The nutrients will keep your tummy full, help absorb some of the alcohol and ensure you can enjoy the day in its entirety.

2.       Stay hydrated- Our bodies are made up of water and this is no holiday to replace the water running through our veins with Guinness (yuck!). Not only is staying hydrated good for your body in general but it will help keep make sure you can celebrate longer and keep that March 18th hangover at bay.
 **extra tip: get lots of ice in your drinks, not only will they stay extra cold (yum!) but it’ll help you stay hydrated!**

3.       Make sure you have a safe ride home- whether you’re hosting a party, going to a party or watching a parade in the city, make sure everyone in your party has a safe way to get home (and that does NOT include getting behind the wheel, even if you’ve only had a couple). Public transportation can literally be a life saver on a day like this—you don’t have to worry about parking and everyone can enjoy a few drinks. Or you can also enlist one of your most reliable friends to DD.

4.       Pace yourself- This isn’t a race, pace your drinks. Try to stick to one an hour!

St. Patrick’s day is a day of drinks, lots of green, fun and friends. Remember the above tips to make your March 17th the best one yet!