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SEE texts at night


Sleep texting is the new black (just kidding) but it is being classified as a form of parasomnia (1). Sleep texting is affecting adolescents and young adults across the country. Individuals have reported getting up in the middle of the night, unlocking their smartphones and texting full sentences, single words or just plain gibberish to family, friends and even co-workers! What is most startling is that there have even been reports of individuals texting 911 in their sleep, only to wake up with no recollection of any activity what so ever! Not only is this trend worrisome because um…hello who wants their subconscious to text their ex at a ridiculous hour only to wake up mortified (?!) but using your smartphone before bed, or even while sleeping, can lead to disrupted sleep. Researchers have found that a mere two hours of artificial light exposure from a source like an iphone can reduce the bodies’ melatonin levels by 22% (2). Everyone knows what it’s like to feel cranky and the mental fatigue that comes with lack of sleep; researchers are now linking the sleep hangover (adult cankiness) directly to conducting the dreaded bedside business. Whether it’s looking at the latest celebrity tweets or e-mailing your professor, smartphone use at bedtime has been proven to lead to mental exhaustion the next day (3). To combat the erg to tweet, facebook, e-mail or anything else the smartest of smartphones can do in the middle of the night, try charging your phone in a room other than your bedroom, switching back to a traditional alarm clock or, if you suffer separation anxiety like many of us twenty-somethings, just silence your phone and (maybe?) flip it over so the light wont wake you up if someone does try to reach you.

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