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SEE the power of a quickie


SEE tip:  Don't have time to do an hour at the gym?  Don't sweat it!  Recent research has found that splitting up workouts throughout the day is at least as effective in preventing negative health outcomes.  This means, taking 10 minutes between classes to go for a walk 3 times a day is not only good for the soul, but also good for the body!

Want some other exercises to try when you only have time for a quickie?  Stop by Levering today from 11-1 for some more suggestions!

HKB Tip: Used to taking your seven minute smoke break, but looking to quit the habit?  Try going for a brisk walk instead.  The cardio can help reduce cravings and help you in your effort to quit.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Exercise has been linked with lowered signs of stress.  The good news, you can get exercise in any where and time (for the most part).  This means, access to a stress reliever on demand!  Instead of letting the stress or anxiety build up when mulling some tough problem sets over in the BLC, go for a walk or try a wall sit to clear your mind.  You'd be surprised by what your body and brain can do!

Want some more?  Get your stress busted with Stressbusters tonight on Q level in the MSE starting at 8pm.  Give your body some love with a free, 5-7 minute back rub.