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National Nutrition Month meets the Sip Tip


Feeling confused by some of the messaging about alcohol these days?  Drink- it's good for you!  Don't drink- it's bad for you!  Okay... so... what do we do?

If you already don't drink- there's no reason to start.  The benefits that have been noted can be found in other sources, like fresh fruit, lean meats, and added exercise to one's daily life.  For example, a link between reduced chances for breast cancer was found with red wine consumption.  As an alternative to red wine for those searching for a reduced risk of breast cancer, a link was also found between this type of cancer and exercise-- so no need to grab the wine glass, you can still find some protective factors to help you fight disease without the red.

If you do choose to drink, be mindful of how much.  The scale can quickly tip from being healthful to being harmful depending on how much a person drinks.  Moderate consumption of alcohol, like most things, can bring the health benefits that some research touts.  However, going overboard and landing in some riskier territory, can bring a host of unhealthy risks that are not worth another sip.

Also, one drink each day is not the same as 7 drinks in one day.  The body knows the difference and requires moderation.  So if you choose to drink, whether or not health is in mind, be sure to stay in the blue zone by sticking to one to two drinks an hour with water in between.