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The Chlamydia Challenge

Take the Chlamydia Challenge!

Challenge 1:  Is Chlamydia a:
a. viral Infection
b. bacterial infection

Challenge 2: The highest portion of reported Chlamydia cases are between ages:
a. 45-54
b. 35-44
c. 25-34
d. 15-24

Challenge 3: True or False, chlamydia can only be spread through vaginal and anal sex.

Challenge 4: True or False, asking a sexual partner if they are on birth control will stop transmission of Chlamydia.

Challenge 5: True or False, JHU students can come to SHAGfest tomorrow and get tested for Chlamydia for free, as part of SHAG week.

1. b; 2. d; 
3. F oral sex should be included.  
4. F - birth control only prevents birth, not STI transmission.  Condoms, dental dams, contraceptive gloves, and similar barriers can help reduce the chances of STIs being spread from person to person.  
5. True- come to the Glass Pav tomorrow, 2/20 between 11:30am-1:30pm for a free and confidential STI test.