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Sip Tip: Nuts!

According to a 2012 survey of JHU students, we know that the majority of those who drink, eat before or during their night out.  Our survey showed that over 75% of those who drink do this- either by having a meal with friends, on their own, or snacking while out!  Students are finding ways to stay safer while drinking.

Some ways to eat healthy and stay safer while drinking, include having healthy snacks within easy reach. Before you start drinking, wash some fruit and cut up some veggies and put them on a table near you. A small amount of crackers, nuts and bread may also provide healthier snacks-- who knew "bar nuts" could be a good option?!

If you choose to drink, consider safer ways to do it, like alternating every alcoholic beverage with a non-alcoholic one (a water works great).  Have a meal beforehand.  Spend time engaging with people, listening and dancing to music, or finding other activities besides drinking.  The focus of being out does not have to be on drinking, but on people, games, and other types of fun interactions.  Enjoy the fun, and sip wisely.