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SEE gets Sexified

In honor of SHAG week, SEE is putting a little sexy spin on our usual weekly reminder.  SEE how exercise can improve sex lives.  From increased flexibility to more endurance-- exercise can go a long way, beyond the typical benefits that are talked about.  

For SHAG week there are a few fitness offerings to take advantage of:

Today, Monday, 2/10, you can join JHU Masti, SASH, and CHEW for Bollywood Zumba in Charles Commons at 5:30pm.  There will be bollywood dancing, zumba love, and fun giveaways.  Join the party!

Friday, Friday, 2/14, the Rec Center is offering Partner Yoga for you and a friend to try at 4:30pm.  After, have fun learning the salsa at 6pm.

Move well, feel good.

HKB Update:  Want to get the updates from Hopkins Kicks Butts?  Join the first meeting of the semester tonight at 6pm in the AMR TV room.  Ask questions, learn about what's happening this Spring, and join the group's efforts for a healthier campus.

Mellow Out Monday:  Join CHEW in the Sherwood Room from 11:30am-1:30pm for a stress reducing moment, and kick off to SHAG week.  Relax by decorating your own cookie, making a valentine day card, and sending a condom-gram.

Tend to feel more stressed at night?  Don't fret- Stressbusters will be in the MSE on Q-level starting at 8pm to help.  Get a FREE backrub from a Stressbuster tonight- only 5-7 minutes and you'll feel good as new.  

For more about SHAG week, click here.