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SEE gets Nutty


SEE Tip: A sweet PB&J can be a great source of comfort, especially on a winter day.  A way to add some healthy benefits to it could be something as simple as changing your nut butter.  There are a wide variety of nut butters available, including almond butter, sunflower butter, and so much more.  Nut butters are heart healthy, as good sources of healthy fats.  These fats can help regulate energy and mood- so don't fear the fat!

You can even stop by CharMar to make your own nut butters by grinding almonds or peanuts for yourself.  If you try it, take a picture and let us know how you like it! Tweet or Instagram us at @chewatjhu.

HKB Question: More advertisements have been popping up for electronic cigarettes, including celebrities using them during the Golden Globes.  Have you or anyone you know tried them?  Why or why not?

Mellow Out Monday: Eating healthy fats, like nut butters, can help regulate mood, helping to better handle stress.  Try some with an apple as a healthy snack between classes to stay satisfied throughout the day.

Guess who's back?  Stressbusters!  Find Stressbusters in the Library on Q-level starting at 8pm tonight. Get a free 5-7 minute back rub.  Stressbusters- we've got your back!