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SEE soothing food


SEE Tip:  Stress eating can happen to the best of us, and as we head into the last stressful stretch of the semester, it's something to keep in mind.  Eating to soothe stress rather than feed into it would include increasing our intake of water, vegetables, fruit, and fish-- all the healthier choices that keep the body and mind running at it's optimal levels.

Additionally, the hormones associated with stress can cause or bodies to crave more carbs and sugary foods than we may need.  Instead of overeating those items, consider a varied diet to bust stress.  Give your body the fuel it needs to keep moving and pack healthy snacks to munch or sip on while studying.  Some stress busting options include green tea, carrots and hummus, a banana, or frozen grapes.  Even better news?  Dark chocolate has some stress relieving abilities- so have a piece!  Enjoy it and try to avoid devouring a whole bag of them, as the stress relieving properies will be lost and new stress might be added to your list of concerns.

Want to try some stress busting food samples?  Stop by SEE today to get a sample from the PEEPs in Levering outside of the Levering dining entrance from 11am-1pm.  SEE how a little stress relief can go a long way!

HKB Quit Tip:  Former smokers can have a tough time when stress comes into the picture.  Instead of lighting up, consider other things that help relieve stress like eating stress relieving foods, going to the gym, or touching base with a friend.  Often the stress will pass, as will the craving.

Mellow Out Monday Tip:  It seems like we (humans) can stress about almost anything.  We can stress over finals, family issues, and food.  When it comes to food, eating "healthier" foods can produce a less stressed self.  Foods like fruit, vegetables, chicken, fish, and even dark chocolate can provide a balance of nutrients to counteract stress.  While the often readily available vending machine foods are not so helpful, especially during finals week.  Give your body what it needs to be less stressed and function at it's best when you are counting on it the most.

In addition to feeding your body give it a break.  Being  hunched over a desk for hours on end isn't good for it.  Take a break- go for a walk...and mosey over to Q level in the MSE for a free 5-7 minute back rub from Stressbusters.  Take a study break with Stressbusters as they bust your stress tonight starting at 8pm.