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A recent study from BYU used Twitter to understand the cultural use of Adderall for non-prescribed purposes.  Researchers gathered tweets with the keyword, "adderall", and found over 200,000 tweets in a 6 month period. Granted, they only searched with this keyword so there may be some tweets missing from the study.

Yet, is it surprising that there was an increase in tweets about the drug around finals time?

Before trying adderall as a "study drug" (instead of as prescribed), consider the effects that misusing it can have on people.  It can lead to drug dependence/addiction, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and even overdose which can include anything from death to lasting mental effects/defects.  Not to mention that misusing it is illegal.

So instead of relying on the non-prescription use of adderall to get through the intense study sessions, consider trying one of more of these to have a successful finals studying session:

1. Drink Green Tea: It has caffeine and provides health benefits to keep your body awake and functioning properly for the time you need.

2. Bring healthy snacks to eat while you study: Eating brain foods like almonds, dark leafy greens, or even dark chocolate keep you from being distracted by a rumbling stomach and power you through for even longer.

3.  Take breaks:  Your body isn't meant to sit in one spot for hours at a time.  Stand up. Stretch your legs. Take a walk, even if it's just around the library.   Get a breath of fresh air to awaken your senses before diving back into the books.

4. Be social: See your friends.  Make sure you all are doing okay.  Grab lunch or dinner together-- you all have to eat anyway, right?  Enjoy downtime together and then get back to the books.

5. Form a study group: After you've done some studying on your own, try meeting up with others in your class to test one another.  Help each other to help yourself.  Being responsible for helping others to do well can motivate you to be at your best, too.

6. Don't wait until the last minute: Manage your time and say no to certain things if you need to make time to study in advance.   Your brain will not hold onto everything you try to cram into it if you do it all 4 hours the night before the final.  Instead, give yourself time to learn the material and go over it again as needed.

7. Take a Social Media Hiatus:  Find a way to avoid your go-to procrastination methods.  Do you tend to go down a rabbit-hole when on youtube?  Avoid going on youtube for now.  Instead, keep a list of all the videos you want to check out once you have time.

Can't stop yourself from checking Facebook, even though you just did 3 minutes ago?  There's an app for that.  Try the "Self Control" app which has a timer that blocks a user from a specific website for a set time.

8. Move your body: Lift some weights, go for a walk, or take a fitness class.  Try moving your body for an added boost of energy.  Even if you feel tired at the start, you may be surprised by how awake and energetic you feel after a good workout.

9.  Sleep:  Don't skimp on it.  Your brain needs it to function at it's optimal levels.  No one wants to be that person who falls asleep DURING a final. But without sleep, it may happen.  Sleep well for a better memory and less embarrassing moments.

10.  Breathe.   You will get through finals and then- it's winter break.  Just breathe. Study. Repeat.