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Sip Tip: Thanksgiving Eve Buzz

The night before Thanksgiving is known for two things: 

1. The worst traffic of the year.  Avoid it if you can!

2. The busiest and most crowded nights at bars/clubs.

If you are going home for the holidays, does that mean more or less chances that you may be drinking alcohol?  

For some, spending time with family can increase the chances of alcohol use, for others, it may decrease any drinking, and for another group it may not make a difference.  We're curious to know-- when you go home- does your behavior around alcohol change at all?

If you do plan to drink while on break, consider keeping yourself safe.  If using a vehicle to get from place to place, have a sober driver.  Be sure to eat before going out- have a little Thanksgiving preview (someone has to test it out, right?!).  And keep drinking water throughout the night to reduce the effects of a possible hangover.