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SEE gets the ZZZs


SEE Tip:  There is truth behind "power naps".  Taking a 20-30 minute nap in the middle of the day can truly re-energize a person.  They are particularly helpful for the sleep-deprived.  Couldn't get 7-9 hours of sleep last night and now you're barely able to add 2 and 2 together?  A power nap can boost brain functioning and assist with memory- perfect before heading into a mid-term...because falling asleep during the midterm is definitely not going to go well.

Want to take a quick nap, but don't have time to head back to your bed?  Stop by the Glass Pav from 11-2 today for a quick rest.  We'll have yoga mats and calming music to help you relax and hopefully take a quick nap.   Take a power nap to give you energy for the rest of your day!

HKB Quit Tip:  People often turn to smoking when stressed or even as a way to stay awake.  Try listening to those cues and let your body rest by taking a 30 minute nap.  If the addiction is calling, but you don't want to give in, consider trying an NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) to help get you over the hump.  Things like the patch, the gum, or the lozenge can help get through those tough moments and make quitting much more possible.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Stress can do a number on our sleep cycle.  If you've been pulling all-nighters because you're freaking out about midterms your stress may be out of control.  Without proper sleep, every little thing can turn into a huge problem.  Get back on top of things by taking a power nap.  Sleep for just 30 minutes in the middle of the day to re-charge and avoid messing with your sleep later.  You'll do better on those midterms with a more rested version of yourself.

Need more stress relief?  Stressbusters are back again this week!  Look for them on Q level in the MSE starting at 8pm tonight.  They will calm you with free back rubs and help melt the stress away!