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SEE a DIY project


SEE tip:  Doing activities like crafting, puzzles, and other creative outlets are great for reducing stress.  By reducing stress, better sleep can occur.  And with better sleep, a less stressful day can follow and so the cycle can continue.  Less stress, better sleep, even less stress, and better sleep.

A happy JHU student after making a sleep sachet earlier this year!

Another boost for better sleep and reduced stress is lavender.  Try lavender's calming effects out for yourself by doing a "do-it-yourself" project of creating a lavender sachet today.  The sachet takes less than 1 minute to make.  The process of making it can calm you instantly.  And the effects of the lavender near/under your pillow can help you sleep better.  Try it for yourself- stop by SEE tabling with PEEPs today from 10:45-12pm in Gilman Atrium!

HKB Quit Tip:  Are you or a friend thinking about quitting tobacco?  Start by making a plan.  When will you quit by?  How will you do it?  Need help planning- go to MDQuit.org for resources or to talk to someone to walk you through the process.

Mellow Out Monday Tip:  Sleeping well does wonders for stress relief.  Ever notice how much more easily the small things can stress us out when we've only had about 3 hours of sleep?  Yet, on a day when you've slept well, you can appreciate the birds chirping (instead of wishing they'd just shut up).  The power of sleep reflects on our ability to handle stress.  Strive for better sleep and your stress will become more manageable.  Want help with your sleep?  Try making a lavender sachet to put under your pillow or near your bed for increased calm before rest.  Join PEEPs today from 10:45am-12pm to make your own sachet in Gilman Atrium.

Want another way to shrug the stress away? Stop by MSE tonight starting at 8pm for a free back rub from Stressbusters!  Look for them on Q-level.  Reduce the stress for better sleep tonight!