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SEE the awesome almond


SEE Tip:  Want a snack while studying tonight?  Try something that will help, not hinder, your brain.  Almonds are a perfect source for brain power.  They have the right combination of protein, fiber, and healthy fats to increase your brain's ability to function and provide you with the energy needed to power through a study session.  Pair them with some water or tea (little to no caffeine as needed).

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HKB News Tip:  Recently, states across the country, including Maryland, have been putting forth bills to make smoking in cars with children illegal.  Most have included a fine for violating the law.  According to a recent poll, 82% of American adults support the ban for the health of children.  Be on the lookout for updates as the bill in Maryland moves to the House of Delegates.  

Mellow Out Monday Tip:  Almonds not only boost the brain's productivity, they also reduce stress!  Nuts, right?!  The nutrient-rich snack boosts the immune system which can help the body deal better in times of stress.  Grab a handful to munch as a snack break from studying, or while studying as an alternative to some less helpful snack foods.

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