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Condom Confusion

So many condoms to choose from- how can anyone decide?

There are a variety of condoms out there, including, latex or latex-free (perfect if someone has a latex-allergy), to ribbed or non-ribbed, and even flavored.  If you're engaging in sexual behavior, consider using a condom if that's appropriate for the acts you are doing and try the varieties out there.

Some people prefer ribbed, some prefer a snug fit, others like flavored instead of plain (for oral sex).  Note: As a student mentioned to us, flavored condoms are recommended for oral sex specifically, given the higher chance of yeast infections with vaginal intercourse.

So why use condoms with oral sex?  It protects both partners from the spread of STIs, such as, herpes, syphilis, HPV, etc.  Condoms can be used on males and females.  For non-penises (i.e. vagina or anus), simply cut the condom length-wise and use that over the area, or if one is around use a dental dam.  By using a flavored condom- everyone is protected and the pleasure giver has less of a plastic taste to deal with.  Win- win!

Try out the variety-- make a spreadsheet, even!  Safely testing out your options just adds more fun to the experience and can enhance relationships and intimacy since it takes communication to discuss these options.  Talk to your partner about what you each like and discover what makes you both feel amazing.