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Awkward moments: STI talk

In a recent study of not so shocking research, it was found that having a discussion about one's sexual history, specifically about STIs, is awkward.  The same study found that the awkwardness was reduced when the people involved were more informed about STIs and how to prevent it.

If you are engaging or considering the possibility of sexual relationships, consider starting with getting yourself (and your partner) tested for STIs.  If you both know where you stand in the beginning and routinely get tested, it can promote continued safer sexual practices, better intimacy, and even better communication for the length of the relationship.

Testing can be done at the SHWC for a fee.  It's $15 for chlamydia and $15 for gonorrhea testing, while HIV testing is free.  Additional tests may be available and costs will depend on the lab processing fees charged by the State.  Testing can also be done off campus at places like Planned Parenthood on N. Howard Street.  Planned Parenthood offers a sliding scale for payment, especially useful for college students and does not require insurance (though it is accepted).

Get Your Test.  Know your results. Use protection.  Keep you and your partner safer.