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Sip Tip: HOPtoberfest


HOPtoberfest has lots of things planned for today and this weekend.  Tonight will you be heading to the free fall-themed shabbat dinner, the haunted house with laser tag and photo show, the haunted carnival, witness theater, or levering live?  There's so much- why choose just one?

Plus, tomorrow there are things like hiking in the morning and of course the COLOR RUN!! So awesome.  

With all this greatness, we caution that if you choose to drink, do so responsibly.  Stay in the blue zone, meaning in the .01-.06 BAC level.  This will help to reduce the negative side effects of drinking, like an awful hangover which could prevent you from participating in the color run or going on a hike.  

There is too much to do and you don't want to miss it.  Instead, enjoy the time with friends, meet new people, and check out all the stuff happening this weekend.