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SEE Breakfast Benefits


SEE Tip:  Eat breakfast!  It's a simple tip, but a crucial one.  Eating breakfast provides energy for the day.  It provides the nutrition necessary to keep focused attention and concentration for morning classes.  The body needs energy to run properly-- start with breakfast to get things running smoothly and continue eating well throughout the day.

Want help starting your week off right with a morning breakfast?  Stop by the Mattin Center Courtyard from 8am-10am today for a free breakfast on the go from the PEEPs, while supplies last.

Quit Tip:  For many smokers, a cigarette with breakfast is the only way to start the day.  Though, "breakfast" is often a cup of coffee.  For those who are looking to quit, avoiding triggers like a morning cup of coffee can help get over that hump.  Instead, try a cup of green tea and a hard boiled egg with a side of fruit.  Or some other variation from the old trigger.  Breaking the habit can be tough, but having a healthier breakfast and fresh start to the day can help in the fight against the addiction.

Mellow Out Monday Tip:  Do you feel like you just don't have time to eat breakfast or the idea of adding another thing to your day is just too stressful?  What if you knew that it would keep you full longer and give you the energy to power through the morning rather than struggling to stay focused?  Breakfast is a power start for a successful morning- it's not worth missing, even for that extra 10 minutes of sleep.

Want a reward for a productive day?  How about a free back rub from the trained Stressbusters?  They are 5-7 minutes, free, and happening tonight at the MSE on Q level starting at 8pm.  You deserve the relief-- stop by tonight.