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Hump Day: Polishing the Pearl


Question: Is masturbation healthy?  Am I weird for doing it?  What about not doing it?

Answer: Fear not, masturbation is healthy and natural.  Masturbation can provide a bunch of health benefits including stress relief, sexual tension relief, PMS symptom relief (in some females), enhanced states of calm and sleep, and it can be linked to couple sexual satisfaction levels.

As for actually getting down with oneself, it's up to the individual if s/he chooses to do it and how often, or chooses not to do it at all.  A person can choose to do it once a year, once a week, a few times a day, or never- it's about what's right for him/her.  Provided it doesn't interfere with daily activities, like work or class, it's not likely that someone is doing it "too much" so no worries there, either.

Enjoy the stress relieving powers that riding solo can offer!