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Consent Contract


Last Thursday, the Office of Student Life and SVPA hosted the "It's All About Consent" event in the Glass Pav.  There were discussions on consent, bystander intervention, and Title IX.  We learned a lot and wanted to share a small piece of that today.

Consent-- what is it and why does it seem so awkward?!

Consent is a voluntary, sober, enthusiastic, wanted, mutual, clear, and verbal agreement between parties to engage in sexual activity.  Consent must be asked for at each step of the way and not coerced, implied, or assumed.

The thought of asking for consent can make people squirm and feel uncomfortable.  The reality of it isn't so intense.  No lawyers or contracts are needed.. though the video above might make you think otherwise.

Asking for consent is much simpler than that.  Someone can ask their partner things like, "Do you like this?", "Do you want to keep going?', "Are you okay with this?", or even "Do you want to make out?".  The more clear, direct, honest, and enthusiastic a person is, the better for establishing consent... not to mention a better time in the heat of the moment.