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SwEEt SlEEp: Just a Sachet Away

SEE Monday Tip:  Research shows that lavender can create a more relaxed mind and promote better sleep.  SEE the benefits by stopping at Nolan's tonight from 5-7 to make your own (FREE) lavender sleep sachet!

HKB quit tip: Want to join a group on campus that strives for a smoke free campus?  Check out Hopkins Kicks Butts, the student anti-tobacco advocacy group on campus.  HKB members are a diverse group of health-minded students, ranging from Pre-med to Public Health to Engineering. Join us for our twice a month meetings to plan events and help move the smoke free policy forward. Details at Facebook.com/hopkinskicksbutts 

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Shoulders hunched? Back tight? Neck sore? Be kind to your body and get a FREE back rub tonight! Stressbusters are back in action for the semester and doling out free 5-7 minute back rubs at the MSE on Q level tonight and every Monday night. Take a break tonight and see why everyone loves Stressbusters at JHU.