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SEE goes to the market


SEE Tip:  Want to get fresh and local produce?  Try the farmers markets in the area.  Check out what's in season as we jump into Fall.  Do you like pumpkin?  Perfect!  How about apples?  Even better!  This chart can help you keep track of what's in season in Maryland.  From there, you can plan your meals or snacks and eat healthier as we move through some tough spots in the semester.  Instead of chips for an afternoon snack, fresh apples and peanut butter would be an energy packed alternative.

Want to check out a local farmers market, but not sure where to go?  Join the PEEPs this Saturday for a trip!  Details will be on Facebook!

HKB Quit Tip: Quitting an addiction is not an easy hurdle.  But, there are resources to help.  Call the Quit line to get support: 1-800-784-8669.  Those smokers who wish to quit reportedly having better success when using quit lines and other forms of support, including nicotine-replacements, like the gum, the patch, or the lozenge.

Want to do some good in the field of tobacco prevention?   Attend Hopkins Kicks Butts open member meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday, 9/24 at 7:45pm in the AMR 1 TV room.  Pizza will be provided!

Mellow Out Monday:  Midterms are popping up on our schedules which means stress is popping up, as well.  Stress has a funny way of showing itself, but often we can see it in the ways we eat.  Often, people find comfort in certain foods when they are stressed, or certain foods seem like an easy solution when stressed for time.  Unfortunately, reaching for easy, comfort, and typically unhealthy foods can lead to more stress.  Instead of reaching for that food, try going for some that have nutrients your body needs to combat stress, but are also quick and easy, like apples (in season and at the farmers markets) or almonds.  Stress can spiral out of control easily, but little things like choosing healthier, brain-power foods can help to overcome it.

Another great option when the stress levels are reaching all time highs are stopping by the MSE for a free backrub!  Stressbusters are on Q level every Monday starting at 8pm and available to give FREE, 5-7 minute back rubs.  Don't let stress ruin your week; instead, let Stressbusters BUST that stress.