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SEE for yourself this semester!


SEE Tip: Congratulations!  You are in your second week of classes- you made it through the first week!  Now the routines start to set in.  Have you figured out your bedtime, your wake time, when, where, and what you'll eat, and what about your exercise regime?  It's a lot to think about, in addition to your classes and everything else.  So let's start small-- why not use this week to get into a healthy routine and set just one health related goal for yourself?  Try using our SEE campaign to guide your health goal, or come up with one that fits your needs best.  SEE focuses on improving Sleep, Eating, and Exercise, which Hopkins students have said again and again to be the biggest health challenges for their day to day lives.  Which do you need to focus on?  And how do you plan to improve any of those areas?  Share your goals in the comments or stop by the Breezeway today from 11-1pm to talk to a PEEP about it.

HKB Quick Tip: Want to make campus smoke-free or know more about what Hopkins Kicks Butts does at JHU?  Stop by the HKB table at the Student Involvement Fair this Thursday from 5-8pm to talk to a member and get involved!  HKB members are activists, educators, caregivers, friends, and students-- we are always looking for other people interested in the anti-tobacco initiatives.

Mellow Out Monday:  We know it's week two of classes and the realization that homework, papers, and exams are really here and summer is (sadly) ending which is starting to increase stress levels across campus.  Before they get out of control, mark your calendar on September 16th from 8pm-10pm for the first free Stressbusters back rubs of the semester!  Come to the MSE on Q-level for your free 5-7 minute back rubs from our trained Stressbusters for FREE! Stop by, feel better, lose the stress.

And if you're interested in being a Stressbuster, look for the Stressbuster table at the Student Involvement Fair this Thursday from 5pm-8pm or go to www.jhustressbusters.com to apply online.