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Move it Monday


SEE Tip:  While experts haven't identified the exact, perfect time to workout they have noted all the amazing benefits of working out at any time.  Recently, more research has come out about exercising in the middle of the day.  Mid day exercising has been shown to boost energy, creativity, and cognitive functioning. So instead of having another cup of coffee or energy drink, a 20 minute run around our beautiful campus or taking a break for yoga could be the trick to help you re-focus for the day.

Try a mid-day workout with us today by joining us for a Monday Mile.  You can walk, jog, run, or even dance your way through the mile.  SEE how you feel after getting a mid day workout!  Meet us at the Levering Courtyard at 11:40 am to get started!

HKB Quit Tip: In a number of clinical studies, researchers found that exercise reduced cigarette cravings.  In the studies, the researchers had one group do some form of exercise, such as going for a brisk walk or riding  a bike, while the other group did something inactive, like sit quietly or watch a video.  Those in the active group reported reduced cravings to smoke.  If you or someone you know is trying to quit, consider becoming more active by going to the gym or taking a jog around campus when cravings sneak up.

Mellow Out Monday Tip:  Feeling stressed before an exam, but feel like you've studied so much that your brains might fall out of your head?   Use the break and exercise instead.  When you're stressed, you forget things. But exercising before a stressful event, like an exam, can improve your outlook and de-stress you, but more importantly, it can improve your brain functioning.  Get your neurons firing with a brisk walk or jog, then review your notes once more before rocking that exam.

Want to try another quick stress-reliever as a study break tonight?  Head to Q-level at the MSE at 8pm for a free back rub from Stressbusters.  Just 5-7 minutes will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a little more studying before getting a good night's sleep.

Who wouldn't want to go for a walk or jog on this gorgeous campus?!  Love Hopkins!