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Guest Posting from Emily LaBathe, Massage Therapist at Student Health and Wellness


Hello, my name is Emily LaBathe and I have been a massage therapist on campus since 2004, and also one of the Stressbuster teachers.  I have been massaging for 20 years and meanwhile taking speciality classes in Craniosacral therapy, Lymphatic Drainage therapy and Visceral Manipulation therapy.   I have seen so much benefit in the last few years in these modalities, that I have decided to offer only these modalities.  Don't worry, there are two other massage therapists to give you great massages (see their bios under massage on the SHWC website). 

 My price for this work will be the same as massage, which is $35 for a half hour and $60 for a hour.  But for the fall semester  I thought I would introduce these therapies and offer an introductory price of $20 for a half hour, to see if any of these modalities can help you feel better in body, mind and spirit. Clothes will be left on during sessions.  I will be working on some Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.    

Following are descriptions of these therapies and what conditions I have seen them help.  If they appeal to you, consider calling for an appointment at 410-516-8270 and ask for Emily as your massage therapist.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) developed by John Upledger D.O.   This therapy works with the cerebrospinal fluid and how this fluid influences the other fluids and tissues of the body.  It is a very light touch therapy that induces a deep relaxation.  Techniques work with the cranial bones, spine and fascia.  This therapy is very effective for someone who has had trauma such as accidents, sports injury or surgeries.  The tensions that often get set into the body can be released therefore decreasing symptoms.  The following are other conditions helped by CST - headaches, migraines, eye strain, trigeminal neuralgia, binocularity, sinus problems, ear infections, spinal deviations, scoliosis, nerve pain, neck tension, tinnitis, heart rate variability, anxiety and pain that other therapies that have not been as effective, as you would like.

Visceral Manipulation (VM)  created by Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. is a form of manual therapy that focuses on the internal organs, their fascia and potential influence on structural and physiological dysfunctions.  Your organs have movement for example your kidneys move 1 inch with each breath and 4 inches with deep inhalation.  Therefore in a day they move 1/2 of a mile.  Imagine how a restriction of this movement could cause pain at the site or transmit pain through the fascia to other structures of the body.  This light touch therapy if very effective treating GIRD, digestive problems, constipation, menstrual pain, healing after childbirth, post surgery scars and adhesions and releasing any tensions put into the body by accidents.  Also, VM  can treat any discomfort in any organ.

Lymph drainage Therapy (LDT) created by Bruno Chikly M.D. D.O. works with the Lymph System.  This is also a light touch that facilitates moving the lymph to improve the lymphatic flow and immune system.  This is the treatment I use, that is successful with students who have hands and arms that will not stop hurting from being on the computer so much.  This therapy does not aggravate the tissues and helps to move out the inflammation.  It is a great therapy for detoxing alcohol, drugs and stress.  LDT is good for any edema, swelling or area of the body not healing easily.  Also, it can relieve sinusitis, acne, exzema and allergies.  Any sugery the lymph has to recruit around the scar, and if lymph nodes have been removed LDT is the suggested therapy to decrease lymphodema.

All these therapies induce the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the rejuvenative nervous system.  These therapies induce alpha brain waves so students report feeling more relaxed and focused with less anxiety.

Call the SHWC to make an appointment with Emily for any of these helpful therapies or to make an appointment for a massage with the other two massage therapists on site, as well.  Call 410-516-8270 for appointments!