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Movin' on In!


Welcome to all those moving to JHU this week!  

Moving can be stressful, hot, and pretty awful.  But it doesn't have to be.  You're moving to college!  Or for some of you, returning to Hopkins for another exciting year.  In the hopes of starting the year off on a positive beat, here are a few tips to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

  • Start by eating breakfast.  You'll need the energy!

  • Bring water with you and be sure to drink it.  It's likely to be hot and humid so hydration is key.
  • Find out where the restrooms are located.  If you're drinking as much as you should, you'll want to know this.
  • Have healthy snacks available to you, like fresh fruit in a cooler, or healthy trail mix/granola bars.
  • Keep band-aids and other first-aid necessities nearby, just in case.
  • Thank whoever is helping you move your belongings.

  • Get out of the room and have a real meal.  There are a bunch of great places to eat around and near campus so check it out and enjoy your new surroundings! 
  • Don't stress if you forgot something-- there are stores down here and you know, the internet.  You can get most of what you need relatively quickly.
  • Take a deep breath.  Moving into a new place can be scary, but take one step at a time and give yourself time to acclimate.