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Sip Tip News: A study of pong balls

A not so surprising study was recently released on how much bacteria is truly on the ping pong balls used for the drinking game, Beer Pong.  Again, not shocking results-- the researchers found A LOT (not a scientific term, but we think it's pretty accurate) of bacteria on the ping pong balls.  The bacteria included dangerous types such as salmonella, e. Coli, staph, and listeria.

While this study seems so commons sense you may be asking, "why bother conducting such a study?".  That was the researchers' goal.  They were looking at common-sense scientific questions that they could put some research behind the answers.  So now we know- officially and scientifically that beer pong balls are gross and covered in germs.

While we understand that people are not being massively affected by the dangerous disease spreading potential of beer pong balls, we also see that it can result in an increased chance for getting sick.  And we dare to ask, how well do you perform at Hopkins when you are sick?   Is it worth the risk?

If you choose to drink, perhaps skip the disease risk by avoiding the pong table at the party.  Try spending time on the dance floor, talking to your friends about their week, or meeting new people.  If you carry your own cup around with you and avoid the beer pong balls, you'll likely reduce your risk of getting sick and will increase your productivity for the weekend.


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