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Sip Tip: Drink this, not that

Do you know what drinks have the highest sugar content?  What about the ones with the most nutritional bang for your buck?  Read on to find out.

Bottled Smoothies:

Not That...
Stonyfield Farm Organic Strawberry Smoothie
(10 oz bottle) 38 g sugar
Stonyfield produces a few great products—its line of high-protein Greek yogurts, for example—but its smoothies don't make the grade. The first three ingredients in this one are milk, sugar, and strawberry juice, and the bottle contains more sugar than you'd ingest from three bowls of Froot Loops.

Drink This Instead!
Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost
(15.2 oz bottle) 50 g sugar
Not only is there more smoothie here for fewer calories, but this bottle also offers nearly 8 grams of fiber to help slow absorption of the sugar, 100 percent of which comes from fruit.

Iced Teas:

Not That...
Snapple Green Iced Tea
(16 oz bottle) 30 g sugar
This is like the Hulk version of Green Tea.

Drink This Instead...
Honest Tea Organic Green Tea
(16 oz bottle) 18 g sugar
With more metabolism-boosting, cancer-fighting catechins than its competitors, Organic Honey Green Tea delivers exactly what you want out of a cup of tea, with just enough sugar to make it go down easily.

Energy Drinks:

Not That...
Original Rockstar Energy Drink
(16 oz can)  62 g sugar
None of the full-sugar energy drinks provides enough of a boost to justify the hefty caloric load, but Rockstar's really takes the sugar-loaded cake. Each can is packed with 80 more calories than a can of Monster.

Drink This Instead...
Rockstar Roasted Light Vanilla
(15 oz can) 13 g sugar
This can contains about twice the amount of caffeine that your average cup of joe has, and about 200 percent of your Daily Value for most B vitamins. This means you don't need to waste the money, time, or nutrition on an additional cup of coffee or energy drink for the day.

The drink this, not that for drinks with alcohol...

For this section, it's about making an informed decision for those who choose to drink.  Here are a few tips to help those who decide to drink what would benefit them the most.

Looking for a colorful drink?  Try something like Sangria (red) which provides the health benefits of red wine and adds in fruit for additional antioxidants and vitamins.  This provides more benefits than something like a cranberry juice and vodka.

Looking for a beer?  Go for a Guinness, not just because there's leftover from the St. Patrick's Day party, but for the health benefits.  Guinness has been proven to reduce blood clots and heart disease risk. Plus, it contains antioxidants!  It provides way more bang for the health buck as compared to a lager like Yuengling.

When it comes to drinks, it's possible to find a healthier option that can benefit the body.  However, be sure not to overdue it with the number of drinks.  The health benefits of the ingredients will quickly be outweighed by the impact of the alcohol and the debilitating effects on the body.  Have fun, but use some sense and stay in the blue zone.

Some of the Drink This information taken from: http://fitbie.msn.com/drinks/drink-not