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SEE your bed more often


SEE Tip:  Has sleep been elusive this entire semester?  Well, it's The Final Countdown and sleep is as essential as ever to get us all through the last few weeks before Summer Break.  Keep your brain functioning at optimal levels by giving it what it needs- sleep.  So how do you do that?  Try one or more of the following tips:

  • Avoid eating or drinking too close to when you are going to sleep.  Aim to eat dinner about 2-4 hours before going to bed and avoid heavy snacking prior to going to sleep.  Avoid the caffeine after lunch time if you can to help you get a more restful sleep and less groggy morning.
  • Use your bed for sleeping.  Don't study or read your notes in bed.  It can confuse the cues in your mind when it's time to sleep and disrupt your ability to fall asleep easily.  Keep the bed for sleep and the studies for the library, your desk, or anywhere else you prefer- other than your comfy bed.
  • Power down the technology.  Read a book, write down a list of things you need to do tomorrow (on paper, not using an app), or drink some chamomile tea (or other caffeine free option) to get you into a restful state.
Stop by the Breezeway today for a free SEE Sleep Care Pack from the PEEPs from 11-1pm!  Get your sleep started right this week with a little help from CHEW.

HKB News: UCLA was the first of the UC campuses to go smoke-free last Monday, as part of Earth Day. As the UCLA Chancellor said, "in order to take care of the Earth, we must take care of ourselves".  Want to read more about it as discussions continue about our own Smoke-Free initiative?  Check out the article here

Mellow out Monday Tip: Feeling stressed about upcoming finals?  Or still being crushed by exams this week?  Find some serious stress relief by stopping by The Beach on Friday starting at Noon for APTT and PEEPs present Under the Sea!  There will be a moon bounce, food, t-shirts, lots of other activities, and did we mention PUPPIES?!  

Need some stress relief before Friday?  Stop by the MSE on Q-level for a free 5 minute back rub from Stressbusters tonight starting at 8pm!  Or request Stressbusters to come to your floor meeting or group meeting to help you and your friends de-stress.  To request Stressbusters go to http://www.jhustressbusters.com/.