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SEE Solves Sleep


SEE Tip:  Having trouble falling asleep at night?  Feeling exhausted all day?  Let's figure out what could be the culprit behind the sleep issues.

Some common sleep disturbances found with college students are things like using the laptop before trying to go to bed.  The light from the screen can delay the sleep process in your body.  Try shutting off the laptop about 30 minutes before you are ready to go to bed for an easier descent into the dream world.

There are also things like being too stressed for sleep.  There are those nights when all you want to do is go to sleep, but your mind just won't shut down.  Instead, thoughts are running rampant.  To hit the off switch, try keeping a pad and pen near the bed so the thoughts can be written out quickly, without disturbing yourself too much.  This removes the stress of needing to remember your brilliant idea or whatever last minute thing you need to do before class-- you'll know to do it in the morning once you wake up refreshed, rather than frazzled.

Do you have some sleep solutions to offer? Or sleep problems you want to resolve?  Stop by Levering Quad today from 11-1 to talk about it with the PEEPs.

HKB Thoughts:  There is still time left to vote to say whether or not  you would like JHU to become smoke-free.  If the votes show that campus is in favor of going smoke-free, it won't happen immediately. Many  more discussions will be needed.  This is merely a first step.  Vote on it today- look for an email from the SGA with details on how to vote.

Mellow Out Monday:  This month has a lot of awesome packed into it starting with this coming weekend.  Hello Spring Fair!!  Keep your head in the academic game by not losing sleep.  Stay on a sleep schedule while enjoying the fun activities planned throughout the week and weekend.  You'll enjoy it more if you can stay awake in and out of class.

Feeling stressed about all you have to do before the fun really gets going?  Take 5 minutes out of your night tonight to de-stress with Stressbusters!  Come to the MSE Library on Q-level from 8-10pm for a free back rub from Stressbusters.  And for a bonus, try to head to sleep soon after for a real restful night!