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SEE mixes in the health


SEE tip: Are you a snacker? What's your go to grab and go snack? Want to try something easy and considerably healthier than a bag if chips? Try making your own trail mix. There are many benefits to trail mix, but the main ones are being able to make it what you want it to be and taking it with you! For example, say you want something healthy, but a little sweet too. How about a trail mix bag of granola, almonds, dried fruit, and for an added treat some dark chocolate.

Want a starter? Try stopping by the breezeway on Monday from 12-2 for a starter to your own trail mix from PEEPs!

HKB Tip: Certain foods can be associated with having a cigarette for smokers. If you are trying to quit or trying to help a friend to quit, try avoiding those foods for a while if possible. Instead of having coffee, a person could try a different hot beverage or now that the weather is getting warmer perhaps an iced coffee might do the trick and keep the craving at bay.

Mellow Out Monday: Eating food that is good for your body can be just as good for your mind. Healthy snacks like a nutritious trail mix can keep the mind from wandering and even stressing. Keep stress levels down by keeping the body well fed.

Want to do more for the stress on your body? How about getting a free 5-7 minute back rub from Stressbusters? Get one Monday night in Q level in the MSE from 8-10pm.